Woke Coaching Youth Leadership Development Course

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15 11-17-year-olds will have the opportunity to meet with me in person for one hour every Sunday for six months, to work on developing traits of highly effective teens.

Young men deserve the privilege of being surrounded by like-minded, hungry, go-getters, who are going to physically, mentally, and spiritually push you both directly and indirectly beyond your wildest dreams. Young men deserve the privilege to nurture all their dreams, goals and aspirations before this life grates you like a lifeless block of cheese, with each swipe across is rugged surface a slice of your hopes and dreams slither away.

“External circumstances do not change until the internal belief system Change” -Myles Monroe. This six-month program will begin with an emphasis on altering the youth belief system to a more positive and proactive belief system, along with setting goals that are far greater than any goal anyone, as well as the student, imagined they could conquer. For the remainder of the program, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the student is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to handle whatever obstacle stands in the way between the student and their commitment.

This course will be goal-driven, literally and figuratively. What is it that you want to accomplish now, near or in the future? Where do you want to see yourself, at home, at school, or in your hobbies? Do you want to be the best at what you do? To become a better person means you are your only competition and your most important goal is to be better than YOU were yesterday. Imagine the person and place you ARE going to be by growing daily. Now, you might not ALWAYS win, and that is fine. You might catch yourself in a slump, which is a favorable circumstance if you think about it. You are now going to have to acknowledge the fact that something in your life physically, mentally, spiritually, and or emotionally needs to change. Failing is a way for life to tell you that this route WILL NOT work. You find yourself being broken down by the new elements you never faced before. And that is the sweet part because every time you get broken down and built back up you now sprouted bigger, better, and stronger in an environment, you never thought existed. It’s life, as you get splashed around in this dark place or carried in a stomach for nine months, you emerged into this life. As for the seed to sprout into its everlasting forest, it too must be buried and born again. “Failing your way towards success” could be the only way to ensure that you are growing and consistently growing. The more you fail, the more you succeed.