Ideal Air 180 Pint Dehumidifier Review & Ratings 2021

For our next set of tests, we set up the machines in our living room and ran them against a big humidifier. We weren’t tracking overall performance in this test so much as how high each model allows the humidity to go before it turns on. Overall, it was the least-pleasant dehumidifier to have running in the house, though not by a huge margin. The differences in test performance are real, though slight.

  • If enough ice is accumulated the unit will not work properly.
  • You should also consider noise level, especially if your dehumidifier is in a space of the home where people spend time.
  • This convenient alert signals when it is time to clean the reusable filter, ensuring you will not forget to clean the filter and can continue to enjoy optimal performance for years to come.

But they don’t work well enough, removing only about 25 ounces—less than 2 pints—of moisture from the air per day. The models in this guide work by drawing air over chilled metal fins, causing water vapor in the air to condense and drain into a tank, from which it is then drained. But as a corollary, dehumidifiers raise the temperature of the room they’re in. If you want a room to be both drier and cooler, air-conditioning should be your first choice if it’s at all possible, including running new ducts. This model is powerful enough for spaces up to 1,200 square feet, its built-in pump offers lots of drainage options, and design details make it the easiest dehumidifier to live with. Unlike most portable air conditioners meant for the home, this is a dual-hose model, with one hose serving as an input and the other as an output. That makes it somewhat more efficient and better able to cool your space without unintentionally sucking more warm air into your room.

How We Picked The Best Dehumidifier

Within a four-foot radius, a dehumidifier can range from decibels; that difference can seem like a lot when you’re in a limited area. The Honeywell dehumidifier also has a drain tube that you can utilize for long unattended operations. With this certification, you can be sure that the model is eco-friendly, and offers optimum energy use. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD is compact with dimensions of only 13.2 x 10.5 x 20.1 inches. With a compact dehumidifier, you can easily find a spot for it anywhere in your home.

The front of the unit also displays the level of humidity in the room – a handy visible feature that lets you know whether you should make any adjustments to the humidity setting. And even if you’re not in the same room, you can launch the iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet and check the humidity levels at home and control it all from a beach in the Caribbean.

The quietest dehumidifiers exhausts air out of the side and produces little to no compressor noise. The 50 to 55 dB of noise is mostly wind noise produced by dried air exhausting out of the dehumidifier. At a distance of about 10 ft. on high fan speed, expect the typical dehumidifier to produce about 50 to 55 dB of noise.

Only then this Frigidaire dehumidifier will resume operations again. The power outage restart feature helps the dehumidifier to resume working at preset levels after a power shut down. The auto defrost feature ensures optimal functioning during cold temperatures, by de-freezing the compressor coils automatically. The Tosot GDN50BA-A3EBA2E model is the best 50 pint dehumidifier with pump that is capable of dehumidifying living spaces that are up to 4500 square foot large. It functions on par with dehumidifiers from top brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Honeywell, etc. Now that we’ve covered what a dehumidifier does, let’s talk about the features of the E100.

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Its overall performance will be determined by whether it is designed to work in low or high temperatures. Large capacity dehumidifiers that remove up to 70 pints per day, like the hOmeLabs Dehumidifier, are designed for larger spaces up to 4,000 or 5,000 square meters. Small capacity dehumidifiers that remove up to 30 pints per day are ideal for smaller spaces up to 1,300 square meters. The 70-pint Colzer has a drain port located at the back of the unit where the included 6.6-foot long hose connects. Sadly, the unit doesn’t come with a built-in pump to send water flying out vertically through windows or sinks from the ground. If you decide to use the continuous drain port, you might want to set the unit on a small table to allow the pipe to run more easily through a slightly opened window. When shopping for a portable dehumidifier, the most important factor is the square feet it will be necessary for handling.

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