Ideal Air 180 Pint Dehumidifier Review & Ratings 2021

For our next set of tests, we set up the machines in our living room and ran them against a big humidifier. We weren’t tracking overall performance in this test so much as how high each model allows the humidity to go before it turns on. Overall, it was the least-pleasant dehumidifier to have running […]

Canopy Humidifier Review

If not cleaned regularly, impurities can be released into the air. Over time, breathing contaminated air may aggravate allergies and asthma, trigger flu-like symptoms, and may develop chronic issues such as weight loss, respiratory infection, etc. It can also cause a more serious lung condition called humidifier lung, also known as “humidifier fever,” that develops […]

Motion Picture Camera Films

We will base the weather-station example on Snappy Ubuntu Core. The Mbed platform is excellent for IoT devices, it supports SSL, and there is a good selection of supported hardware. Programming is done with C, which may be difficult for beginners. Commercial licensing must be considered, depending on the libraries and hardware utilized. The […]